New Guidelines for Examination in the EPO apply from November 2017

General Assembly of the World Intellectual Property Organization: GPTO seals closer cooperation with Japan

António Campinos elected next EPO President

EPO publishes first ever Quality Report

United Kindom declares intention to ratify the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court

New Guidelines for Examination in the EPO apply from Nov 2016

EPO study shows econimical profits of IP in Europe

Applications for german patents and trade marks continue to rise in 2016

WIPO launches Inventor Assistance Program

Data Update of International Register in TMview

The Netherlands ratify the Agreement on Unified Patent Court

Global Innovation Index 2016: Swiss remains most innovative country, Gemany on the 10th place

Strong support for the Unitary Patent package after the UK Referendum

Administrative Council of the EPO agrees to reform the Boards of Appeal

Total refunds for withdrawals of examination fees at EPO come into force

EPO-President Battistelli: UK-Referendum does not affect membership of the United Kingdom in the European Patent Organisation

EPO introduces a streamlined opposition procedure

Germany decides to establish EU patent protection

Demand for European patents continues to grow

Reduction in search fee at EPO for small businesses

Record Number for german trade marks and patents - strong demand for patents from Japan

New EU trade mark regulation

PATSTAT Online launched

Continued strong demand for german patents and trademarks

The European Patent Office welcomes next step forward for the Unified Patent Court

Italy joins the Unitary Patent

Portugal ratifies Agreement on the Unified Patent Court

German Patent and Trademark Office joins the Global Patent Prosecution Highway

Business-friendly fee pattern adopted for the unitary patent